Jump Start Your Projects with a 12-Week Intensive Project Management Master Class!
August 24 – November 15
24 PDUs

This 12-week course will increase the skills for project managers through intensive weekly coaching sessions. Asynchronous and Synchronous models are used in this program. This live, instructor-led training event includes a weekly group discussion board, action items to complete, and video. At the completion of the course, participants will earn 24 PDUs.


At the end of this program, participants will understand project management skills associated with taking the project from idea toward completion. Each person will understand the role of the business case, charter, gathering requirements, and planning the project.


Each week, student will participate in training in the following areas:

  • Week 1-2 – Creating business cases, charters, and correctly onboarding a project

  • Week 3-4 – Determining the proper project methodology for this project

  • Week 5-6 – Analyze the project plan and planning metrics

  • Week 7-8 – Evaluate how to execute the project in the best manner

  • Week 9-10 – Understand and create metrics for monitoring the project

  • Week 11-12 – Evaluate the best hand off process and close out procedures



What to expect...

  • Course Format

    ✔ Video for core skills & competency
    ✔ Group discussion board activity
    ✔ Group problem strategy case
    ✔ Virtual group call
    ✔ 1 on 1 virtual call with Dr. Mathis
  • Participant Requirements

    • Contribute to discussions with others and the instructor
    • Take a short assessment quiz
    • Watch a short weekly video
    • Create a sectional checklist
    • Share the checklist for feedback from other participants
    • Give feedback to other participant’s checklists and ideas
    • Watch special topical videos
  • Outcomes

    • Understanding of the multifaceted customized strategies and outcomes for each project
    • Improve project analysis to make better decisions for the project
    • Increase shortcuts for running the project and performing at higher rates
    • Create customizable checklists for each weekly section

Let's get started!

Regular Price: $1,450 per person
Early Bird Price until August 14: $999 per person
  • All materials
  • 24 PDUs
  • Certificate of Completion
  • One virtual group phone call with Dr. Mathis – Up to 1 hour